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Religious and Ethical Musings of Jonathan Black

(and some recipes and poetry, too!)

This web site contains five sets of writings in a Unitarian Universalist vein. CommonPlaces - Communiqués from Midlife was written during 1989-93; Breaking60 - Working Without A Net during 1994-99. TravelingNotes contains sermons and essays written since 1999. UU Religious Exploration contains materials written for UU Adult Religious Exploration classes and workshops at TPUUF. Belief and Practice is an ongoing project in which your participation is invited. Many of the pieces here were first presented as sermons or program elements at UU congregations; others were written in sermon form. In each case, an introductory note provides some history and comment.

The alert reader will notice that the statement "no copyrights reserved by author" appear at the head of each set.  This is not a mistake:  this material is meant to be read, used, dispersed, adapted, etc.  As the author, or, at the least, a transcriber (for I still don't clearly know where the words come from), I ask only three favors in return:

  • Before using material from either work, in any form, please read the relevant "End Note."
  • Please give credit where credit is due!
  • And, please be in touch - I'd very much like to read your reaction, positive or negative, to anything written here - however, please use e-mail only.

The journey continues - thank you for walking a short distance with me.

Jonathan Black
UU laity and ULC ordained minister

Your comments are welcome: write to me at

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CommonPlaces Breaking60 TravelingNotes UU Exploration Belief and Practice