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Well, there it is, again!


Again, as for CommonPlaces, I seem to have exhausted what I wanted to write down, at least for the time being.


You will have noticed that themes and even phrases recur - that is the nature of inner conversations, such as transcribed here. If I repeat myself, then, as the old Yiddish joke still goes, I repeat myself.


This transcription comes to you as a gift, as the words came to me. You may discard it, keep it, copy it, pass it on. (In the near future, it may be available from a web site - email me if you are interested.)


However, in return, I ask two favors:


Just as I feel that no UU program is complete without a congregational response, I would like very much to hear from you about anything here included or omitted. I don't promise to reply, but I will enjoy your comments.*


Also, I would pleased if you would make a gift, of cash or of kind or of timely attention, to some other person or, perhaps, to a group, such as your own congregation or The Mountain. I particularly favor gifts to endowments, as we should all be investors, not merely renters, in this world. If you are moved to do so, please let me know what and to whom, and, perhaps, why?


There is still far too much what in the world and not enough why.


I welcome feedback and discussion at