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Two Lists

There is an odd contradiction about lists: We write them thinking that they are very important but then they are most often discarded. Ursula LeGuin, in Always Coming Home(1985), includes a wonderful list entitled "A List of Things That Will Be Needed Four Days From Now." In that spirit, I offer these two lists:


Give Away, Take Away (that's like a Yard Sale, but there is no charge for anything, May 9, 1992)


The good stuff available for the taking ranges from furniture to fabric remnants. A partial listing: sofa and bookcases, drafting table and stool; step stool and small ladder; a hammock (weathered) and stand; a mechanical lawn and drive sweeper; work gloves, plant food and herbicides; fabrics, patterns and remnants; baskets; cookie tins; paint, caulking compound and adhesives; luggage and totes; gift wrap; writing paper and note pads; lumber; pantry items; maps and puzzles; books; etc. (lots of etc.!).


Wish List (1992)

Alpine walking stick

Brown Fedora (Size: XL)

David Hockney "Rainbow" print

Books of poetry

Johnny Cash treasury (CD)

Sweat band (head, decorative)

Star 'scope (Franklin Maps)

Sleeveless pullover sweaters (43 chest)

What ever!