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Unitarianism vs. Universalism




Origin (theological) Arias (3rd. cen.) Origin (3rd cen.)
Origin (US) Channing (1819) de Benneville (1741)
Murray (1770)
Origin (organizational) Homegrown; within Congregational churches Spontaneous/Imported; drawing from all protestant churches
Culture New England intelligensia; middle/upper class; urban Suburban ("near west"); working class; rural
Manner Studied; analytical (Emerson: "corpse cold") Inspired
Theology Covenantal; Christian unitarian; transcendental; humanist Creedal; Christian trinitarian; unitarian (later); pan-religious / humanist
Growth slow; little or no outreach; peak 100K (1880's); same at merger rapid; missionaries; peak: ~600K (1840's); 36K at merger
(Thomas Starr King) "too good to be damned" "God too good to damn them forever"  JB 4/3/01